What is radiant floor heating? Radiant (or hydronic) floor heating system is a method of heating a building that relies in the circulation of warm water through series of pipes distributed throughout a building. This method is different from a common forced-air system which requires the circulation of the air to overcome the heat loss of the building. Radiant systems offer many advantages to forced air heating.

Radiant Floor Heating Benefits Include:

  • Comfort – heat is delivered at floor level where it warms people, furniture and other surfaces.
  • Efficiency – Floor heating systems can provide energy savings of 20 to 41% over forced air systems.
  • Clean and Healthy – Radiant floor heating does not rely on circulating air (as forced air or convective baseboards do) so dust particles are not readily spread throughout a building.
  • Versatility - Works with many types of floor covering.

We work with high quality distributors of radiant heating products and specialized mechanical engineering firms such as Hydronic Specialties Company and Monterey Energy Group.